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A professional sanitization service proven to kill up to 99.999% viruses to combat Covid-19.



Collating the experience over the years, customer expectations and requirements, workplace dynamics and cultural intricacies, We launched “SaniClean” a cleaning service specifically for sanitization. Apart from our regular cleaning services, SaniClean focuses on a more delicate part of cleaning aimed at residential area and businesses that are the forefront of the entire healthcare system and have sophisticated equipment and machineries as part of their business.

Our clients range from small to big companies through all sectors of the market. Our service is adaptable for any job – big or small, from Daycares, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Facilities, Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons, Restaurant, Food Service and Kitchens, Office Building, Shopping Centers and grocery Stores, Theaters, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Hotels, Residential Homes, Clinics, Beverage and Food Processing Plants, to Transportation Vehichles, Trains, Buses and Airlines and Marine.


What to Expect

SaniClean provides professional sanitization services which include deep cleaning and sanitisation on all premise and thoroughly focused on areas and equipment that are touched and used by the employees on regular basis.

Our fully-trained SaniClean cleaning services team who can assure that your premises are deep cleaned and free of any contamination to maintain a healthy environment. We use the industry leading human friendly and eco-friendly (where possible green cleaning materials) to safeguard your employees and work environment against any germs and disease. We operate in Klang Valley, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan.


Why do we need regular sanitization and deep cleaning?

COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus which are proven to persist on surfaces from a few hours or up to several days. Our SaniClean cleaning services team is fully aware that dirty, dusty, and contaminated areas or equipment in your offices and premises can be heaven for germs and bacteria that may cause serious illness and infections to your employees or families.

Dirt and dust can be regularly cleaned through daily cleaning activities, but germs and bacteria’s could stay longer and would require regular sanitization and deep cleaning, especially for the most touched surfaces that are major portals for infections. The related issue alone makes sanitization and deep cleaning number one priority of any serious business.


Why SaniClean?

Saves Lives & Budgets

  • Kill 99.999% of bacteria and destroys Coronaviruses in 1 minute.
  • Mitigates the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses are stopped before they start.

More Versatile

  • Safety sanitizes food contact surfaces without rinsing.
  • Can become a heavy-duty disinfectant.

Safer & Sustainable

  • User friendly and safer for humans & materials.
  • Less hazardous to the environment and less corrosive.

The SaniClean Process

We have designed an effective santization process known as SaniClean.

  1. All personnel will be asked to evacuate the place that is being sanitized. Prior to that, all appliances, electronic good and other essential electrical items are advised to cover.
  2. Our SaniClean team will be prepared wearing full PPE and begin process of sanitization through and deep wiping of all highly-contacted areas or items.
  3. Our team then will begin the sanitization in open spaces and other areas using a misting machine specialized for sanitization.
  4. The entire area exposed to the SaniClean sanitizing process will be left for ventilation and the absorption of the chemical to the entire surface and high-contacted areas.

Our Cleaning Materials and Tools


We use specialized products and procedures which we have created and tested and fully documented cleaning solutions. Our infection control methodology specializes in sanitization of surfaces which utilizes sanitization chemical which proves to be highly effective against these viruses. Our services can provide you a maximum protection and promote staff well-being as well as maintain the equipment efficiency.

The SaniClean Cleaning Kit
  • Mist Spray Sanitizer
  • Brush
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Hepa-filter Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cleaning Tissue/Wipe
  • Sanitising chemicals (approved by KKM)

Our materials are proven to disinfect 99.999% of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses such as Coronavirus, MRSA and H1N1. As well as it is odorless, human & environmental friendly and cost effective & sustainable.

By having our SaniClean team performing a thorough sanitization process, you will be able to reduce the risk of cross infection in any particular area or surface.



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