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Malaysians Development Uplift Programme (MDUP)


Malaysians Development Uplift Programme (MDUP) – a programme intending to empower young Malaysians with the necessary skills of learning, life and work; enhancing sustainable growth with skilled workforce through basic industrial training, while ensuring that young Malaysians fully understand and exceed the expectations of employers. Applicants who are eligible for this programme must be between the ages of 18-30, who may be school leavers, unemployed or from the B40 group. This programme offers basic industrial training to ensure that the candidates are well-equipped with relevant knowledge and practical skills that exceed the expectations of employers. It allows them to thrive and access employment in a legal and safe manner. Employers also benefit as the local employment rate improves with the candidates progressing into full-time placements.

MDUP focuses on providing theoretical and practical in-house trainings. Allowances, accommodation, transportation, OT benefits and a certificate of completion by well-established universities will also be provided. Those who successfully completed the training will be offer a job placement. Alternatively, the individuals could choose to start the work or to continue furthering their studies in developing their leadership skills.


Process of MDUP

I. Connecting with related authorities

II. Liaising with the Employers

III. Screening and selection of suitable candidates

IV.Theoretical training

V. Industrial training

VI. Completion of training

VII. Further opportunities


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