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Manforce Assurance Solution (MAS)


Client’s Employment


Recruiting foreign workers comes with a number of challenges and uncertainties, such as recruitment frauds and complicated hiring processes. With Manforce Assurance Solution (MAS), clients are able to employ and manage their foreign workers with low to no risks. Manforce Group will undertake all the responsibilities and the imminences as we assist our clients in every stage of the human resource management process. Therefore, clients can focus on important businesses without worrying about manpower. Whether it’s a small-scale or massive volume, you can be hassle-free as we will settle all the recruitment and human resource management for you.


Manforce’s Employment


Different from Client’s Employment, the foreign workers are employed by the Group under our own recruitment quota. As the workers’ permits are under Manforce Group, clients could avoid going through the complicated recruitment procedures. Manforce’s Employment allows clients to increase their manpower in a short time without having to go through the long and tedious process.


Local Employment


Oftentimes, HR departments may face difficulties in employing suitable and quality workers as the recruitment process is time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. Local Employment could speed up the process and ensure the workers recruited are qualified for the job.

We also provide mass hiring to ensure clients have all the suitable and capable manpower they need, which potentially saves time and cost. Local Employment only entails cleaning, servicing and manufacturing services.


Our services cover:

Consultation & Advisory

I) Consultation & Advisory


We provide professional consultation and guidance in regards to the necessary requirements and compliances needed to be adhered to. Manforce Group also acts as a mediator, balancing and resolving any conflicts that arise between the clients and their workers.

Human Resource Management

II) Human Resource Management


This includes the recruitment, payroll and training of the foreign workers. We and our clients utilize the digital payroll management system and Manforce Tracking System (MTS) to conveniently manage the workers’ profiles and payroll from anywhere, at any time. MTS is real-time web-based communication and human resource management system that can easily track the workers’ information and work schedules.

Administration Services

III) Administration Services


We help manage work permits, insurance coverage, bank account openings as well as provide digital payment solutions.

Accommodation & Transportation

IV) Accommodation & Transportation


We extend our services to the arrangement and management of foreign workers’ transportation to and from the workplace. Additionally, we also allocate secure and proper accommodations for them.

Welfare Solution

V) Welfare Solution


We supervise the foreign workers’ work performances and provide the necessary cashless medical benefits, healthcare needs and counselling.



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