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Foreign Workers Management Services


We provide services in the areas of human resources, administration, training, welfare solutions and immigration related solutions for the foreign workers employed by our customers in the manufacturing and services sectors.

Among the type of management services offered by us include accommodation, transportation, renewal and extension of work permits, as well as insurance coverage and claims. We also offer consultation services by advising our clients on the requirements as well as the necessary compliance to adhere to in order to obtain the foreign workers recruitment quota.

In addition to the foreign workers management services offered by us, our services may also extend to include advance payment of foreign workers’ levies to the relevant authorities on behalf of customers, return air tickets and related payments – based on the request by our clients. Any advance payment of levies made on behalf of our customers for the employment of foreign workers is recoverable from them on a monthly basis once these foreign workers commence work.


Value Proposition


Manforce Group pledges to deliver the best value in the market, offering a quality service delivery at a competitive and affordable market price. As a total solutions provider, our services are tailored according to the unique requirements of each client. With us as your strategic partner, you will no longer have to worry about possible mismatch of quality and expectations among the foreign workers. We also strive to address any issues related to the welfare of the foreign workers supplied to our clients, alleviating their concerns on business operation interruption.


Quality Assurance


At Manforce Group, we do not compromise on the quality of our services and solutions. In order to ensure a strict regulatory compliance and quality standards, we have developed our very-own quality manual. The manual, which is the core of our service delivery, outlines procedures and control in relation to quality management system, communication with customers, revision on quality manual and procedures, management review, training, internal quality audits, evaluation and selection of foreign partners in source countries, and non-conforming services.



The operations of Manforce Group, particularly those related to payroll and human resource management, are driven extensively by the use of technologies. We have engaged with IT service providers to continuously upgrade our servers, platforms, functionalities and other technological means. Currently, the Group utilizes three payroll and human resource management systems as follows:-

  1. MTS
    The real time web-based human resource management system focuses on foreign worker profile management, which tracks their biodata, passport information, medical screening results, insurance coverage and expiry date, as well as work visa and permit expiry date. The system also looks into work demand and the creation of work schedules of foreign workers, thus simplifying the process to mobilise our foreign workers as required by the clients. MTS is used by both our personnel and Foreign Partners, and all communications, processes and related matters in relation to foreign workers are communicated via the system.
  2. iPay

    iPay is the Group’s payroll management system that is used to calculate and fulfill the payment of foreign workers’ salaries based on a pre-set schedule and timely manner. It consolidates attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, overtime incurred and salary terms and conditions to compute salaries.

    The system also keeps record of salaries and payrolls, which allows immediate generation of payroll reports such as payslips and salary summaries.

  3. HealthMetrics
    The system facilitates foreign workers’ daily medical treatment requirements. Among its key features is the availability of real-time information such as the medical records of foreign workers. This includes the number of medical leaves taken or still available, location of nearest healthcare service provider, leave attendance and others. Not only that, HealthMetrics also allows access to medical treatment without any complications. By showing i-Kad or Passport copy with HealthMetrics sticker on it, foreign workers can seek immediate medical treatment at any panel healthcare providers/clinics, without having to pay for their medical fees upfront.


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